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Router Bits & Saw Blades

Amana Tool uses carbon alloy steel for its router bits that contains vanadium particles. This improves the structural integrity of the steel and prevents corrosion and defects in the internal structure of the material that can lead to cracks and breaks.

High-tech machinery processes the carbon alloy steel to manufacture the router bodies in a single clamping. This yields router bits with superior balance, centricity, precision and symmetry.

The carbide used by Amana Tool is supplied by CERATIZIT, the leading carbide producers in Europe. All of the company's carbide grades, many of which are exclusive to Amana Tool, comprise sub-microscopic grain particles that create a finer edge for long-lasting performance, which is twice that of most standard carbide tools in the market. The carbide tips are then brazed onto the router bits using a fifty percent silver weld by machines also built especially for Amana Tool.

Grinding is done with a sophisticated CNC machine in a single clamping, resulting in higher quality and precision in the finished tool. Delicate grain wheels are used to grind a cutting edge in the special harder grade carbide without creating microscopic cracks or breaks that could weaken the tool.

All Amana Tool products are then laser etched with essential information for the tool's use, such as RPM range and clamping depth. Laser etching ensures that this information cannot be erased through normal tool use.

Each tool that bears the Amana Tool name is created under the sharp scrutiny of the company's inspection department and according to the International Organization of Standardization's (ISO's) 9000 quality management standard, making Amana Tool router bits the world's leading quality tools.

Straight Bits

451902 flute1/16 Diameter1/4 Shank
452002 flute1/8 Diameter1/4 Shank
452082 flute1/4 Diameter1/4 Shank
452102 flute1/4 Diameter1/4 Shank
452182 flute3/8 Diameter1/4 Shank
452302 flute3/4 Diameter1/4 Shank
454142 flute3/8 Diameter1/2 Shank
454202 flute1/2 Diameter1/2 Shank
454222 flute1/2 Diameter1/2 Shank
45422PS2 flute1/2 Diameter1/2 Shank
454262 flute1/2 Diameter1/2 Shank
454402 flute3/4 Diameter1/2 Shank
454482 flute1 in Diameter1/2 Shank

Bevel Trim Bit with Bearing

472002 flute15 degree5/8 diameter1/4 Shank
472022 flute25 degree23/32 diameter1/4 Shank
473002 flute23 degree15/16 diameter1/4 Shank

Spiral Plunge "Up Cut"

461022 flute1/16 Diameter1/4 Shank
461062 flute1/2 Diameter1/2 Shank

This is a small sample of our offerings.
Many others available - Call Sales.

Flush Trim Bit with Bearing

470902 flute1/4 Diameter1/4 Shank
470922 flute1/4 Diameter1/4 Shank
471002 flute3/8 Diameter1/4 Shank
471022 flute3/8 Diameter1/4 Shank
471042 flute1/2 Diameter1/4 Shank
471052 flute1/2 Diameter1/4 Shank
471062 flute1/2 Diameter1/4 Shank
471082 flute1/2 Diameter1/2 Shank
471143 flute1/2 Diameter1/4 Shank
471242 flute1/2 Diameter1/2 Shank
471262 flute1/2 Diameter1/2 Shank
471502 flute1/2 Diameter1/4 Shank

Flush Trim Bit with Top Bearing

454602 flute1/2 Diameter1/4 Shank
45460S2 flute1/2 Diameter1/4 Shank
454622 flute5/8 Diameter1/4 Shank
454652 flute3/4 Diameter1/2 Shank
454682 flute1 1/8 Diameter1/2 Shank

Saw Blades

10 in 50 toothCombination
10 in 60 toothCross Cut
10 in 60 toothGeneral Purpose
10 in 72 toothSolid Surface
10 in 80 toothDouble face Melamine
10 in 80 toothMitre blade
12 in 100 toothMitre blade


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