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Order Functional Hardware through Fessenden Hall

Order Functional Hardware through Fessenden Hall

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We don’t make kitchens; we make kitchens work!

With Blum®, opening and closing furniture is turned into an experience that’s all about movement. Comfort is enhanced all over the house, particularly in the kitchen. Choose from a vast array of products created to stimulate the imagination and add emotion to everyday tasks.

Press-in, self-close, Inserta, half- and full-crank, screw-on, press-in, and straight-arm hinges are available for openings of 107-170 degrees. Wood screws or system screws can be used with mounting plates ranging from 0 mm to 18 mm in height.
All hinges and plates that are stocked at Fessenden Hall are sold as individual pieces.

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Blum® drawer slides are offered in 3/4 extension and full extension.

Also offered are:

  • Tandem Slides with Blumotion
  • Aventos Lift Systems
  • Tandembox Intivo
  • Hinges and Plates
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Screws
  • Mounting Templates
  • Self-Close Latest Designs
  • Blum Machines and Accessories for Boring and Insertion of Hinges.
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Kitchen Solutions by Salice, Sold by Fessenden Hall

Functionality and space optimization

The Salice range of products provides elegant and highly desirable enhancements to everything that kitchens are used for, with an almost infinite variety of solutions that can be customised to suit your own individual taste and needs.


Runners and space organizers

A fluid, smooth and elegant movement

The runners are available in different versions and compatible with all applications. They confer a completely silent and linear movement.

Elegant and practical, the drawers are characterized by linear profiles and refined design.

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Perseverance, hard work and inventiveness

On February 22nd 1957, Salice registered its first international patent covering a concealed, self-closing furniture hinge: an event that marked an incomparable technological milestone for the whole industry. Thus Arturo Salice S.p.A. was born.

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Fulterer Drawer Slides, Supplied by Fessenden Hall

Fulterer FR771 Pantry Slide—Progressive Action

FR77157523 in.Easy Close (275 lb)
FR77555022 in.Easy Close (175 lb)
FR77755022 in.(450 lb)

Fulterer FR 5210—200 lb Full Extension Ball Bearing

FR5210 35014 in.
FR521040016 in.
FR521045018 in.
FR521050020 in
FR521055022 in.

Fulterer FR 5755—150 lb Full Extension Ball Bearing Progressive Action

FR575540016 in.
FR575545018 in.
FR575550020 in.
FR575555022 in.

Fulterer FR 5000—100 lb Full Extension Ball Bearing

FR50001506 in.
FR50002008 in.
FR500025010 in.
FR500030012 in.
FR500130012 in.Easy Close
FR500035014 in.
FR500135014 in.Easy Close
FR500040016 in.
FR500140016 in.Easy Close
FR500045018 in.
FR500145018 in.Easy Close
FR500050020 in.
FR500150020 in.Easy Close
FR500055022 in.
FR500155022 in.Easy Close
FR500060024 in.
FR500065026 in.
FR500070028 in.